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Our Story

DMC Global Services Group started as a First Aid & CPR training agency. Over the years we have evolved and expand our training catalog to include a wide variety of additional training programs in Disaster Management and Safety.

As a respected training provider we were asked to consult on various projects. Our project portfolio includes Business Continuity Planning, Security consultation and Investigations for government, industry and commercial clients.

DMC Global is a steward of the environment and we impart this knowledge to all of our students in each of our courses.

Green Hosting Badge

We are driven by values

Our values are a guiding principal for our staff, they ensure staff health and safety while still ensuring that we can provide top quality service to our clients.

Super Efficient

Efficiency is the key to success, it ensures that our clients get the best service while keeping our staff on task and on target.

Deeply Committed

Failure is not an option for our staff, we are all committed to meeting the needs of our clients and will stop at nothing to achieve our goals.

Highly Skilled

Our team of instructors and consultants work in the industry, they perform the task daily. This commitment to skill mastery ensures that we provide the best service to our clients.